Exhibition Company working in China, Pakistan and Kenya in multiple sectors i.e. industrial Machinery, agriculture and horticulture in collaboration with government departments.I'm in charge of the exhibition project.
· Organize exhibition
· Hall Management
· International delegation facilitation
· Organize B to B meetings
· Hotel bookings
· Security arrangements
· Dealing with different vendors for stalls fabrications and other services
· Promotion activities for exhibition
· Interact with different Govt Departments
· B to B match making for international exhibiters
· Organize corporate events like Business conferences

Events and Projects

· 6th Pak-China Business forum Industrial expo 2018
· 7th Pak-China Business forum industrial expo 2019
· Punjab Agri expo 2019
· Organize business dinner in Pearl continental hotel for Qingdao delegation with Pakistan’s top chambers
· Organize business dinner in Monal Lahore for Agri expo participant international participant with Local top business persons