Founded in 2001, Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association (PERPIT) is a non-profit organization established in Indonesia. As an organization, the Chinese community enjoys a good reputation and extensive influence. Currently, Indonesia Chinese Entrepreneur Association (PERPIT) has five branches nationwide: East Java province, West Java province,  Central Java province, Bali including West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara provinces, and East Kalimantan province, where headquarters is in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.  The business lines of PERPIT members include manufacturing, import & export, trading, mining, forestry, banking, insurance, real estate, construction, information technology, logistics, textile, food, general merchandise wholesale & retail, and tourism.

Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association was established in purpose to increase mutual understanding and cooperation among members in order to level up professionalism in commitment as businessmen in participating Indonesian economic development. 

At present, PERPIT has become an important platform for Indonesia and Chinese corporations as a bridge connect for trading and promoting the economic development  between Indonesia with ASEAN, PRC, and other Worldwide.