Industrial scale
The scale of information technology industry in Shandong Province ranks among the top in China. The emerging fields such as big data, cloud computing, high-end software, quantum communication and virtual reality have seen a rapid development, and the industrial structure is continuously optimized.
Enterprise strength
Six enterprises including Haier, Hisense and Inspur are listed as Top 100 electronic information enterprises in China, while five enterprises including Inspur and CVIC Software are listed as Top 100 enterprises in China in terms of comprehensive competitiveness of software and information technology services. Backbone enterprises play an important leading role in production and management, scientific and technological innovation and international cooperation. Products such as servers, flat-panel TVs and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software occupy a large market share in the domestic market.
Innovation capability
Several industrial alliances such as China’s wide band gap power semiconductors, integrated circuit design and autonomous controllable information systems have been established, and a batch of innovative carriers such as 10 integrated circuit design centers and 116 software engineering technology centers have been cultivated and identified. The province has undertaken several major special national projects of “core electronics, high-end general core, basic software” and national electronic development fund projects and made breakthroughs in many key technologies of “R&D, application and promotion of servers based on domestic CPU/OS”.
Agglomeration effect
The scale of information technology industry in Qingdao, Jinan and Yantai continues to maintain Top 3 in the province, and Jinan has become the second “Renowned Software City” in China. Smart home appliances in Qingdao, software and high-end computing products in Jinan, computer and network products in Yantai, computer peripheral products in Weihai, electro-acoustic devices in Weifang, and electronic components in Zibo have become important business cards of their respective industries. 
Integration of informatization and industrialization
The integration level of informatization and industrialization has been steadily improved. Shandong Province has an index of integration level of informatization and industrialization reaching 55.2, ranking the third place in China. The information consumption is continuously expanding, and the construction of two batches of national level information consumption demonstration cities of Weifang and Zibo is speeding up. The information infrastructure has been further improved. In 2017, the number of telephone users in the province exceeded 100 million, the popularizing rate of fixed broadband households reached 71%, and the popularizing rate of mobile broadband users reached 73%.