Reporters learned from the Shandong Provincial Finance Department that Shandong Province has further revised and improved the management method of "Innovation Voucher", so as to promote the open sharing of scientific research instruments and equipment, improve the efficiency of use, reduce the innovation cost of SMEs and enhance the vitality of independent innovation of enterprises.
       The payment cycle of "Innovation Voucher" is shortened from annual to monthly payment, thus greatly improving the payment efficiency. The audit link is reduced from the voucher being honored according to the audit results of the Provincial Sci-tech Department, to being honored according to the audit results of various cities, thus greatly improving the management and use efficiency of "Innovation Voucher". In addition, the subsidy standard is adjusted, where Zaozhuang, Linyi, Dezhou, Liaocheng, Binzhou, Heze and counties under direct governance of provincial finance will be given 60% of users' subsidies, while other areas will be given 40%; the maximum annual subsidy for one enterprise or team is RMB 500,000.
        It is understood that since 2019 this year, the provincial level has implemented a capital of RMB 13.1827 million to subsidize the use of the "Innovation Voucher" last year, which has driven 422 small and medium-sized businesses and start-up (maker) teams to use the "Innovation Voucher" 3,454 times, meanwhile, to give post-subsidy to suppliers with large service volume, high user evaluation and prominent comprehensive benefits.