hb.dzwww.com on Feb. 11 (Reporter/Kong Xiu, Han Jingjing)
        The coronavirus outbreak may have created geographical barriers but cannot frustrate Shandong's determination for joint development. Today,Select Shandong Cloud Platform launched the Online Investment Attraction and Online Recruitment Smart Systems, two cloud-based platforms to help the province attract investment and talent.
It is reported that the Online Investment Attraction and Online Talent Recruitment Smart Systems are developed by the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province in cooperation with the Department of Organization of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Shandong Province based on the Select ssShandong Cloud Platform built by the Shandong Internet Media Group. Shandong is the first province in China to launch the online investment attraction and online talent recruitment smart systems after the Ministry of Commerce issued the Notice on Actively Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak and Improving Service to Foreign-Funded Enterprises and Investment Attraction on February 10.
        The Select Shandong Cloud Platform special working team set out to plan online investment attraction and online talent recruitment for Shandong Province as early as before the 2020 Chinese New Year. The coronavirus outbreak is sweeping swiftly across China. To ensure the continuation of online investment attraction and online talent recruitment, the team mobilized the technical personnel of the Shandong Internet Media Group to accelerate the pace of work by working overtime. From the first day after the holiday when research and development got underway to today's operation, it took only seven days for the two systems to go online.
The Online Investment Attraction Smart System brings together data concerning priority investment promotion projects, investment promotion policies, business environment, investment promotion news flash and the like in 16 cities across the province, organizes online investment promotion meetings, and jointly establishes various cooperation schemes including project investment promotion and industrial chain investment promotion and the like with provincial and municipal investment promotion departments and 180 industrial parks. It also cooperates with financial investment institutions such as multinational companies, domestic and foreign business associations, banks, insurance companies, funds and the like to carry out online negotiations, organize online streaming of contract signing, and provide one-stop investment promotion services.
        Aiming at displaying Shandong's high-quality investment projects and building an exchange platform, the Online Investment Attraction Smart System is set up to release investment attraction information and preferential policies of Shandong, display high-quality projects, hold online investment attraction conferences and exchange real-time information. In addition, novel features, such as "online negotiation" and "online contract signing" will come soon.
Relying on data resources on Select Shandong Cloud Platform, such as talent recruitment database, high-level talent database of top ten industries, and talent policy database, the Online Recruitment System provides intelligent matching and targeted push based on the employment needs of enterprises and candidates, by leveraging cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies. Working together with provincial and municipal talent recruitment departments, domestic and foreign professional human resources institutions, headhunters, professional online investment attraction institutions and other organizations, the Online Job Fair will organize online recruitment events for cities, counties, parks, enterprises, promoting the talent introduction of the whole province through online job publishing, interactive Q & A, live video and so on. At present, the Online Recruitment Smart System features job posting, online recruitment, consulting, job application and others.
        For the cooperation intention and projects, online consulting service teams covering 16 cities will be established by Select Shandong special working team, to push effective information to relevant cities and parks quickly. "As for promotion, we will rely on the national and provincial news centers of Poster News and the national mainstream media and financial and other professional media resources. We will utilize cross-border social platforms, creating Facebook, Twitter accounts for Select Shandong and publishing investment attraction information by pictures, short video, micro posters and other means to distribute investment information, and improve the arrival rate of effective information."
The brilliant debut of Online Investment Attraction and Online Recruitment Smart System on Select Shandong Cloud Platform responds to the requirements of relevant national authorities for innovation and optimization of investment attraction methods. On February 10, the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce issued the Notice on Actively Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak and Improving Service to Foreign-Funded Enterprises and Investment Attraction. The Notice stipulates that we must innovate and optimize the ways of investment attraction and actively promote online investment attraction through online negotiations, video conferences, online contract signing and other methods to further investment promotion and attraction.
        According to reports, Shandong will launch online investment attraction events across 16 cities on the Select Shandong Cloud Platform in 2020. The first Online Investment Attraction event will be broadcast live via the cloud platform QUKLIVE of Shandong Internet Media Group on February 14. Officials of Binzhou City will introduce the city to worldwide investors with local investment attraction projects and policies.