New energy equipment. 
        The new energy equipment industry in Shandong starts in a relatively early time, so the industrial system is relatively complete. The comprehensive strength continues to improve, and the development momentum is sound. In 2017, Shandong produced a total of 140,500 new energy vehicles, accounting for about 18% of China and thus becoming a major province of new energy vehicle production.
New energy applications
        In recent years, focusing on improving the atmospheric environmental quality, reducing fossil energy consumption such as coal, adjusting and optimizing the energy structure, we have accelerated the development and utilization of new energy, and also have expanded the scale and scope of application. Therefore, new energy has become a highlight of the development of energy industry in Shandong. The promotion of new energy vehicles is enhanced rapidly, with a total inventory of 146,000 vehicles and 22,000 charging infrastructures, all of which are among the top in the country.
New energy technology
        In line with the development trend of global energy technology revolution, we have made breakthroughs in nuclear energy, smart grids and other key areas of technology, and made steady progress in forward-looking technologies such as hydrogen energy and ocean energy. A number of major innovation platforms, such as the national enterprise technology center and the industry innovation center, have been gradually completed, and the technological innovation supporting capacity in the new energy field has been significantly enhanced. Electric vehicle charging group control, micro-grid control and grid-interactive technology have reached a leading level in the world.
New modes and new business
        The integration of new energy industry with Internet and advanced information technology has been accelerated, and new modes and new business are emerging in the field of new energy. "Photovoltaics + fishery", "photovoltaics + ecological agriculture" and "photovoltaics + coal mining subsidence area treatment" show a trend towards scale development. 5 projects, such as Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark, have been included in the national new energy micro grid demonstration, exploring new business operation modes and new business of power services to promote more dynamic innovative development of power market.